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As a business, you invest heavily into creating a business that means something to you and hopefully for those who stand to benefit from it. Yet the brand itself is often given little consideration past an attractive logo and using marketing jargon to attract customers. This creates a business and language that lacks warmth and appeal in a marketplace where there are no shortages of businesses to vying to serve their needs.


So how is it then that a business can stand out? By putting heart into your business brand and making it Dynamic!

We pioneered a formula for creating a brand entity with unique voice. A must for a social media driven world. We call it DynamicBrand. Our formula creates very strong brands with great appeal; brand entities encoded with DNA, heart, emotional connection and depth that transforms your business into a truly unique, inimitable and powerful beacon to your ideal client. using the power of The Law of Attraction. We also train you to manage your own brand.


We have helped create incredible brands with heart and brand refreshing, for brands in North America and Europe.


Angela Tunner

Founder & CEO

Brand creator, award winning entrepreneur, publisher and author, editor, artist, curator and magazine founder, Tunner has created brands and acted as a branding consultant with companies in Europe and North America. Passionate about helping people build great brands to love and that stakeholders can manage themselves. Read full profile LinkedIn


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DynamicBranding with Heart